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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rainy Day Fun

Spring here is always quite wet!  So we made these cute umbrella people!  Underneath the umbrellas is a cute little illustrated flipbook that the children made!

They really liked this project and you can tell by the care they took to illustrate it and put it together! I love the little road that the student added to this one! 

I have put together a package called Rainy Day Fun that has all you need to complete this project on My Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Templates for all the parts as well as detailed instructions on how to put everything together and my tricks for drawing the pictures are all included!  

I used wallpaper for the umbrellas!  I love the funky color combinations that the children chose.  I put out lots of different colours for them to choose from and let them go wild!  We have a photocopier at our school that lets us copy the templates onto construction paper so it was quite easy to get it all ready. The most time consuming part is getting the flip books ready and choosing the wallpaper samples to use.  You could use construction paper as well and let the children decorate that if you wish!  Might be kind of fun to see what they could come up with!  

This is a sample of one of the instruction pages in the package.

I also made a new little book called It's Raining for the children to complete. 
I print the class size one off on my colour printer and laminate it.
First, I read them the class size version. Actually, it is easy enough and predictable enough that the children can usually read it to me!
Then they complete their mini-version.  To increase the difficulty they must find the correct word to complete the sentence and paste it in place.  They must also find the matching rhyming pairs to put together before I staple their book together.  The rhyming pairs can go in any order except for the one that completes the poem. 
It’s raining on the sea, But … it’s not raining on me! 
Not wet! Not yet! 

HINT! I encourage the children to cut out the word strips and paste them in the correct place before cutting the little pages apart to make the booklets!  Less paper to manage!
For fun, on their version I gave them a little photograph of themselves that I had left over from the class photographs package to put under the umbrella. 
I also made up a blank page for those students who wanted a challenge to create their own rhymes!

Then I gave them a cover page, and three cotton balls to paste on the front for clouds.  They add the sun and a rainbow and they have a funky cover!  

I am taking part in the Teacher Appreciation Sale this week on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.  You can get     
my Rainy Day Fun package as well as my other products for 30 percent off!  Take a look!  

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