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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Learning how to Print iPad Style!

I love to surf the app store looking for new apps.  This is my latest find!  It is called Letter School.

It is a great app about learning how to form letters and numerals correctly.  And the best part is that it is fun!

I showed it to the students at the beginning of the week and I wish you could have heard all the giggles!  It has been in non-stop use since then!   

It teaches how to form both upper and lower case letters and numerals in the conventional format.  They had a great time working with it.  We continue to share the iPad using the Belkin headphone and some excellent sharing skills.  Everyone enjoyed taking their turn!  I am hoping that some students will pick up the correct formation of some of the letters they are still struggling to learn to do in the conventional format!  

If you move your finger in the wrong direction it won't move and just makes a funny little noise that indicates that you need to try a different way.  
The great thing is that the animations are fabulous!  As the children work through several repeats the animations keep changing!  Very cool!

We made these "Umbrella" people.  I call them that because you can't see anything but the umbrellas.  A bit like little children with big umbrellas!  I am making up a package about how we made them and the fun poem activity inside to post on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!  Almost ready to go!  

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