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Monday, 8 April 2013

Alphabet iPad Fun!

I really love to have the students use a variety of apps to create their own special projects.  They really seem to like working with the combination of Doodle Buddy and Strip Designer!  The Math workbooks were a big hit and I managed to sent them home to all the parents via email.

Then we decided we could also use the same process to create an Alphabet book.  The children used pictures on the camera roll of themselves as well as pictures we took in the classroom.  If we couldn't find a picture of something then we drew it! These are just a few of the pages.

I am working on a Photostory of all the pages to create our very own Alphabet book.  As the file will be too bit to email I will upload it to an iCloud server and the parents will be able to download it from there!

The children also used Doodle Buddy and Strip Designer to create their own comics.
The children have become masters at navigating around to create their masterpieces.  They jump from app to app, importing files from the camera roll, recording their voices, etc with ease.  Things that I would have really hesitated about introducing don't even faze them!  They find things that they can do and teach me and their classmates as we go!  Today we were playing with the Strip Designer app and they were showing me how to do things!  "Oh, you just do this, Mrs. Anton!"

The children created these comics with Doodle Buddy, made screen shots of their work, and then imported them from the camera roll into the comic format.   They choose a balloon style and added the text to the balloon.  Then they can add the Word stamps to accentuate their work.  Needless to say a very popular app!  At some point I would like to create multiple page comics. 

The first day with this app we used just the pictures that were on the camera roll to tell a story!  That worked great too!

The students have gone on to create some of their own pages in free time!  Take a look!

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