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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Fun

I like Christmas a lot.  Right now I am trying to think up a new idea for our annual Door Decorating contest at my school.  The whole school gets into the act.  We have had some really neat doors.

These ones are just a few samples of the great doors that have been created at my school! 

This is one of my doors based on the gingerbread man story.  You can't see the door very well but it is supposed to be a cookie sheet of gingerbread men who are escaping down the road!

Another year, we made a gingerbread house!  We had a lot of fun with that one making up the patterned candies and gingerbread men.  

Still trying to think up a good one for this year!

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!  My Teachers Pay Teachers stuff is on sale!  

I am working on some new stuff too.  Hopefully I will be able to complete it and get it posted before Christmas!  
I am looking forward to starting Christmas in my classroom soon!  I can't wait!  

I sound a bit like the kids, don't I?

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