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Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Fall!

We celebrate Thanksgiving in October in Canada but I didn't get a chance to post about our little pine cone turkeys that we made.  I thought that our friends in the United States might enjoy a look at our funny little turkeys!  They were a big hit with the children.  The first year that I made them the children made little nests for them in their desks!  I hesitate to think about how many of these turkeys are out there now! 
I had been looking around for a turkey craft a few years ago and found the one that uses feathers with the pine cone.  I didn't have any feathers but I did have a lot of leaf garlands that I picked up at my local craft store and dollar store at a discount after the season.  I tried out the leaves and was happy with the result. Anyway, the kids loved them and that's what counts! Right! 

We have been working on fall vocabulary in my classroom over the last little while!   I have been having fun creating little vocabulary books for my children to complete.  First, we matched the appropriate sentence to the picture and then the children made their own versions in a little book.  I managed to find some fall peel and stick stickers at my local craft store at a great price.  Wow, were they a hit!  The children happily decorated a simple construction paper cover and were happy to let me take their pictures with them for their scrapbooks as well as pictures of their books for this blog.  I love the way one of the students decided that it needed to have a title too!  
Wish I had thought of that!

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