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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dinosaur Days!

We have started working on a mini unit about dinosaurs in my classroom.  We did our first mini research report about Apatosaurus.  I managed to find a variety of interesting facts about apatosaurus from a variety of sources and made a fact list.  The children and I then categorized the facts into four groups.  They were: what they look like, what they eat, about the babies, and cool facts.  The children liked the cool facts category the best and I think they wanted to put everything in that category.  I guess they think that everything about dinosaurs is cool.

To add a "super funky" element to the project I prepared some covers for the booklets that could be made into dinosaurs.  I find that if I go the extra mile and create a "super funky" product to strive for, the children will go the extra mile and give me an excellent effort in their work.

I had fun creating a backdrop for their booklets.  I think we both had fun!

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