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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Early Christmas Fun!

I love Christmas.  I live on a street that is famous for its Christmas lights.  We are unofficially known as Candy Cane Lane at Christmas because we have 6 foot high candy canes lining either side of our street.  I have even decorated my classroom door as Candy Cane Lane during our  annual Christmas Door Decorating contest!  Can you see the real candy canes lining the street?

So you can see I love Christmas.
So it won't surprise you to find that my third package on my Teachers Pay Teachers is all about Christmas.  I got brave and uploaded it last weekend along with my Thanksgiving package.  The Christmas package has a few of my favourite projects in it. It also has some new ones!

The package has a Five Senses for Christmas activity that goes with the Christmas Houses.  Lots of memories can be packed into this project for an awesome Christmas booklet to keep!

It contains a Christmas tree count up book to read and one for the children to make!

It also contains some fun math activities.  I had too much fun putting that together! 

I can't wait the show the gingerbread houses to my kids!  

You can download a preview of the package at my Teachers Pay Teachers website.  I hope you will find something you can use.   

How many days until Christmas?? I can't wait! 

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