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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rabbits and Bunnies!

We have been having a lot of fun with rabbits and bunnies over the last few days!  We completed a simple rabbit research report last week that the children really seemed to enjoy!   

I like to do mini research projects and then turn them into little booklets!  I created a list of rabbit facts that we sort and categorize into four groups together.  
We read the facts together on the overhead and decide on the code that we will use.  I created four categories for the facts.  They were:  
What they Look Like, What they Eat, About the Babies, and Cool Facts.  

I put the facts on the overhead and give each child their copy of the facts.  We go through them together one by one.  I love this because the students who are great readers get a chance to shine!  
We talk about key words to look for like  “baby” and “eat” for the  readers who need more support.  Even the challenged readers can take part, using just the code letters.   We decide which code letter to use together and write it down before moving on to the next fact.
We read them together and decide on the code for each one.  Cool Facts gets a C, About the Babies is an B, What They Look Like is an L, and What they Eat gets an E.  
Then I pass out the four category pages and the children cut out the facts and paste them to the correct category based on the codes we have decided on.  The category pages are in the shape of the rabbit’s  tummy.  

I precut the rabbit’s body out of brown paper.  Some white strips for  the whiskers, one  round sticker for the nose, and one round sticker cut in half for the eyes complete the project!  We staple the completed category pages on the brown rabbit body and we have a funky bunny report! I love this project because it allows everyone to plug in at their level of readiness.  

I had a lot of fun putting this project together.  I have posted it on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  The children really seem to like the project and it lets them learn some new facts and create a final product that they seemed proud to share!  

We also had some fun today making bunny poems using a cloze activity that I created.  

First, we read a few books about real rabbits and then brainstormed all the things that a real bunny can do. Then we brainstormed what the Easter bunny can do! The cloze formed the "body" of the bunny and then they added the bunny head and feet.  I ran the sheets off on a variety of colours that the children could choose from and had them just add some colouring to add the wow factor!  

We also made this fun bunny baskets in hopes that the Easter bunny will visit! 

Too much fun!  

Hoppity, Hop, Hop! 

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