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Sunday, 24 March 2013

iPad Fun!

Over the last three months, my class has had the good fortune to work on a variety of projects using iPads.  We had a great time creating with them.  Over the next few weeks I will try to post about some of the projects we created.  We used a variety of apps in tandem to create our masterpieces!  

I wanted to have the children create a digital book about the wonderful snowmen they created at home with their families.  We started by using the iPads to take pictures of their snowmen.  

The children were then able to import them into books they created using the My Story app.  This is a fantastic app that we used multiple times for a variety of projects.  

The children used Doodle Buddy to draw a snowman and label it to include in their books.  This is quite a complicated task for Grade One students!  First, they drew the snowmen and then used the Text boxes to label the picture.  We saved these to the camera roll again and imported them into the My Story book. 

 We also created a page for our book using the same process to describe what  a snowman might eat!

I also had the children create an author page for their books.  We took a picture of them holding their project using the iPads and the children imported it into their books.  
 The My Story app is awesome.  The children could create their books by drawing pictures within the app or import their pictures from other drawing apps we used.  They could write a story to match their pictures and then narrate it in their own voices!  Very cute!

When the book was complete, you have the option to "share" the book by emailing it or exporting it to iBooks.  

The children really liked seeing their masterpieces in the iBook format.  I eventually emailed a version of their book to their families. 
I love the illustrations the children created on the iPads.  The colours are so vibrant!  

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  1. I love your iPad ideas! Great website... It wouldn't let me follow you but I bookmarked it!