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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Winter Fun

Have a look at the snowmen our class made!  Each year I read the story Snowballs by Lois Elhert and then I send home a snowman template with instructions to the families to make a snowman using their imaginations and "stuff"!

 I am always so impressed by the wonderful snowmen they create!  Aren't they amazing?!  

We are currently working on a project using the ipads to create a book using the app My Story about these amazing snowmen!  I love this app!  

We have been using the app Doodle Buddy to create Snowmen Diagrams.  Love, love, love them! 

The children will also be writing stories about their snowmen in the coming days and compiling all the pages we create into a digital book!  

We have also been working on our mini-unit about penguins!  I like to do mini research projects and then turn them into little booklets!  I have created a list of penguin facts that we sort and categorize into four groups together.  

We read the facts together on the overhead and decide on the code that we will use.  I created four categories for the facts.  They were:  What they Look Like, What they Eat, About the Babies, and Cool Facts.  I put the facts on the overhead and give each child their copy of the facts.  We read them together and decide on the code for each one.  Cool Facts gets a C, About the Babies is an B, What They Look Like is an L, and What they Eat gets an E.  

Then I pass out the four category pages and the children cut out the facts and paste them to the correct category based on the codes we have decided on.  The category pages are in the shape of the penguin's tummy.  I precut the penguin's body out of black paper.  An orange beak, two orange triangles for feet, and two stickers for the eyes complete the project!  We staple the completed category pages on the black penguin body and we have a funky penguin report! I love this project because it allows everyone to plug in at their level of readiness.  

We have been practising our addition skills using the winter workspaces from my Winter Fun package over the last few weeks.  P. S.  It's on sale at TPT on Super Sunday!  

I had a lot of fun finding new things for them to count with.  I found some cool foam snowflakes that are a bit hit, some snowflake buttons, and some cool little mitten and snowmen erasers at the  dollar store.  They don't seem to mind doing addition facts when they get to use these counters!  

They seem to enjoy the counting activity using these materials at centre time too!
This is part of the Winter Fun package, too!

We have been having a lot of fun with mittens!  We created this quilt working with pattern!  Lots of fun! 
More mitten stuff on the way!  

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