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Monday, 20 May 2013

Five for Friday!

1.Our New Class Twitter Page!
Last week we started our very own Twitter page.  First we made a Twitter board with our big Buddies.

I have been wondering about a class twitter page for a while and after the great reponse to the twitter board we created with our buddies I decided to take the plunge.  We love it!  We have tweeted Commander Hatfield on the International Space Station.  We love all his videos.  Check them out!  They are awesome!

2. Pretty Posies for Mom!
We made these Flower pens as Mother's Day gifts!  They are always a big hit with the kids.  Then we wrapped them up like the flower shops do!  Moms thought they were getting a bouquet and got of bouquet of pens to use!  Always easy to find with the big pretty flowers on the end!

The children can't believe that they can make something so pretty for their Moms this easily!

 I love the little conversations about their Mom's favourite colours and flowers!  Too cute!

3. Catching Up on Scrapbooks!
This is the time of year that I am madly trying to put the student scrapbooks together.  I had a free weekend last weekend as no one was able to make it home for Mother's Day.  So I decided to have a bit mess and get it all done as a Mother's Day present to myself.

Kind of a silly present but it made me feel better all the same.  This is the mess.  I guess I should have taken a picture when it was all done.... I still have to add the current stuff but at least I am caught up to today!  I am sure you can relate.  So that's another of the Five.

4. My students have been enjoying working with my new math centers.  This week I found some frogs to go with my new Frog Fun package to add to the salamanders in the center.  Watch for it! It's almost done!  I realize that it will be too late for most of you in the States as you are now on summer break.... But maybe you can use it next year!  We go to the end of June and then come back in September.  Happy Holidays!

5. Last Long Weekend before the end of School.

It's a long weekend in Canada.  It's the weekend we can officially plant our gardens.  In my town, we say if the snow is off the top of Mount Benson you can plant so that's one of the Five.
This is a picture of some pansies blooming very happily on my deck celebrating the start of the growing season.

Thanks for letting me join in to your linky!

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