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Monday, 13 May 2013

Pretty Posies!

We made these pretty posies for gifts for Mother's Day!  The children were really proud of them and they informed me this morning that their Moms really liked them too! 

They are actually pens!  A friend gave me one several years ago and we have been making them for Mother's Day gifts ever since! 

 All you need is silk flowers, florist tape, and some pens.  I get all of my supplies at the dollar store!  Each child makes three pens and then we wrap them in tissue paper and cellophane just like the real flower stores do!  

The children really enjoy picking out which flowers they think their mom would like.  Love those little conversations! 

The boys don't even mind because I tell them they are the experts at the wrapping of the florist tape.  

They know how to do it already because it is just like wrapping their hockey stick with hockey tape!  Now their Moms can find their pens easily when they need to write a message!!  Happy Mother's Day! 

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