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Saturday, 15 February 2014

More Fun with Augmented Reality - Aurasma Style!

We have been continuing to experiment with Augmented Reality using the Aurasma app.  I have been playing with this app and it’s a lot of fun!  
I wanted to find a way to share a movie trailer that we made using the iMovie app about our Gingerbread house building activity we did with our buddy class in December.
Using the Aurasma app I was able to link a picture of a gingerbread house to the movie trailer.  By opening the Aurasma app and then opening the link that I sent via email I have been able to share the movie trailer.   I need to figure out how to use a channel, I think!  

We have been using the iPads at school to share this with our class and our buddy class as well.

It seems like magic anytime we use it!  I have linked an Explain Everything Video to it as well!
I have lots of ideas of how these apps could be used in the classroom and to share with parents!  Can't wait to experiment!

We have been continuing to have lots of fun with the CoLAR app.  They are seriously Too Much Fun! 

Seeing the bird pop up and eat a worm on the big screen is amazing!  
They really like having their picture taken with the animation!  You can have them color the picture and take their picture with them in it!  Lots of fun when you get them to pose with it!  
Hoping to send these out to my parents! 

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