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Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School - Augmented Reality Style!

We have been having way too much fun with the pictures we created using the Walking with Dinosaurs, iMovie and Aurasma apps!

We decided to make a movie trailer using iMovie using the pictures.

The children brainstormed the phrases to go with the pictures!  We voted on the best phrases and then put them in!
Then I created the trigger picture so we could send the movie trailer home!

But there is still more!  
The pictures were so awesome we used them to trigger a creative writing activity! 

We called it The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School! 

I printed off the pictures of each child with their dinosaur on my color printer at home.  Then I made up a writing sheet with the title The Day the Dinosaurs Came to School!

We looked at all the pictures together and brainstormed about the pictures and possible things that could happen if a dinosaur came to school! And we had the pictures as proof!   What fun!  Then the children started writing their stories!  We have some amazing stories!

I also placed the trigger for the aura we made on Aurasma on the writing page as well as a special bonus! The aura is linked to the iMovie trailer we made with the pictures.
I sent the aura link home to everyone in an email already but now the picture trigger is embedded in the creative writing that the children did as well!  You need the picture to trigger the Aura!

After the children finished working on their stories, we used the iPads to trigger the auras.
They all came running to see the first one! I have put the finished products out in the hallway for everyone to see.  The pictures alone are really cool and getting a lot of attention!  (So glad I found this app!) The stories are amazing and fun to read.
Adding the aura with the iMovie trailer we made with the dinosaur pictures adds a fun extra! 
 Sometimes, we have people who stop to look at the pictures and read the stories.  
Then if I can, I have them use my iPad and have them try our “secret code” trigger  picture as well.  They are always surprised to see a picture start an iMovie trailer!
 Way too much fun!  
Still working on another project with the dinosaur pictures on the iPads….
Takes a bit longer and still trying to figure out the best way to share them…..
Stay tuned!

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