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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fun with Augmented Reality!

We have been having a lot of fun with a variety of Augmented Reality apps.  Walking with Dinosaurs is a favorite!  This is a great app that allows you to superimpose a dinosaur on a picture.

 Our principal petting a dinosaur!  
We had a lot of fun having the children pretend to pet, hold, or be afraid of a variety of dinosaurs.  We are using the pictures we created for a creative writing activity!  

Even my kitty cat got to meet a dinosaur! My students thought this was hilarious! 

Can you see the dinosaur crawling on her leg? If you aim the iPad at the trigger picture a dinosaur appears and begins walking around!  

You can feed it too and it comes marching over to eat! 

We have been having a great time with CoLAR app.  I managed to find some more free pictures to download and use.  We have taken to calling them the "magic" coloring pages!

If you press on the screen the ornaments cue different music! 

If you press on the fireworks they take off and fireworks appears!  We found this out by accident when one student touched the screen to try to figure out what was happening in the picture!  

Lots of fun! 


  1. What a blast! Our school just got 15 iPads and we're meeting soon to discuss to use them. Thanks for the fun ideas!

    1. Wow! Lucky you! I have had a group of visiting iPads for a few months but I mostly just do what we do with my own ipad and two that we managed to get... We are in the process of getting more.... I can't wait! Have lots of ideas that I would like to implement!