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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Fun with Elves!

We had a lot of fun  with elves this month!  We have Sparkles, our Elf on the Shelf who teamed up with Gus, our resident ghost mischief-maker working together to leave surprises for the children almost every day!  They left messages, puzzles, stickers, suggestions for stories to read, and sometimes special treats to eat!  I managed to catch them in the act using a special app called Santa Spy Cam!   They built a castle using the blocks in the classroom at our Christmas center and filled it with candycanes.   The video above is the evidence! 

Thank you to Ms Pana Says blog for the info about this app and how she used it in her classroom!

We also filled out applications to become elves.  Found this idea last year on Pinterest!  Thank you to whoever created this idea!  It is one of my favorite Christmas activities now!  They loved doing it!  

The Christmas tree in the middle has some of the cards we received as part of the Christmas Card exchange we took part in!  Lots of fun!  Thank you to everyone who sent us cards!  
We made Christmas cards for a special project that we are took part in this year!  It is called the Holiday Card Exchange Project which matched us with 29 other schools across the continent of North America.  It is part of a variety of projects coordinated by Jennifer Wagner’s Projects by Jen.  This lady is amazing!  She must spend hours and hours coordinating her projects!  Thank you so much!  

We sent cards to a variety of places in the United States as well as one other school in Canada in Ontario.  We sent one card to each of the schools on our list and they send us a card back!  We will be mapping out where our cards originate.  A fun way to learn more about the world.  I an trying to find pictures about each of the places our cards come from!  The theme of the cards was supposed to be Mittens, Caps, and Scarfs.  We focused on the mittens.

It was so much fun receiving mail each day!  Love snail mail!!  

We had a great time on our Polar Express Day!  We listened to the story first and then we each got a jingle bell just like in the story.  Luckily, no one had a hole in their pocket!

 We had hot chocolate and yummy cookies that my parents provided!  We used the left over graham crackers from our gingerbread house building activity to make S'mores!  It is the first time I had ever had S'mores!  Won't be the last!  

Each year we take part in our school's Door Decorating contest!  This was our entry this year!

We also made these lovely poinsettias!

The children loved having the snow sprayed on them for that extra "pop"!  Fun project! 

Happy New Year, everyone! 

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