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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fun with Ghosts

We have been having a lot of fun with ghosts!  I put together a little booklet about a ghost who finds that when he eats something he magically turns the color of what he has eaten!  

Then I had the students brainstorm different foods for different colors!  

After we had a starter list for each color I had the children create their own version of the story with their choices of food for each color!  We even had a list for what would turn the little ghost invisible!  

I had the students draw the food with a felt pen first.  Then they colored in the ghost using their crayons!  The picture using the felts really popped in the background of crayon!  

I ran off all the pages and had them stapled together with just one staple which I removed when they were ready to cut the pages apart and put them in the final book order.  I gave the students the booklet and then, I had the students draw the pictures first,  Then they added the correct vocabulary from the lists we had created.  Then I had them cut the pages apart and we collated them in their favorite order.  There is a title page for the front and and special ending page.  Of course, the ending was having the ghost eat something white to turn back to his original color!  

They loved this project!  We put the completed books in a little center and the children have been having a great time reading each other's books!  

I have put together a package of this activity on my Teachers Pay Teachers store! It is called Fun with Ghosts! 

We also made a counting book about ghosts!  

I used the pocket chart strips to introduce the One Little Ghost Said booklet. 
(We have one of those photocopiers that lets us enlarge to an 11 X 17 sheet from an 8 X 11 sheet.  I use that to make my pocket strips a bit bigger.  Works great!)

Then I encouraged the students to predict what type of poem this one might be based on the first couple of phrases.  Once they realize it is a count up we are off! 
Then I let them know that they will be creating a booklet version of the poem. 
We talked about using the strategy of counting the ghosts to figure out which sentence strip would go with which picture. 

The students were encouraged to cut out the sentence strips and glue them down before cutting out the individual pages and putting them in order.  We talk about the title page and the surprise Boo page at the end. 

The cover is very, very simple but very popular with my students!  I gave them a black construction paper cover and had them draw ghosts on the cover with their white crayons!  For the students who feel they can’t draw a ghost I encouraged them to trace their pointing finger with the crayon, add a waving line at the bottom, and add the eyes and open mouth shape!  

I also have the children highlight some of the words to help them practice their sight word recognition. 

Then they read their booklets with a friend.  Finally, they took them home to share them with their families! 

I have created two versions of the One Little Ghost said booklet!  One version is a simple booklet of the poem.  The other version lets the students match the correct words to the correct page.  This is a fun counting and reading activity.  You can use the version that best suits your students and age group!  

This activity is also part of the Fun with Ghosts package. Everything you need is in the package!

  Don't forget to take a look at my Halloween Fun package too!  It is Free! 

Hope you are having as much fun with Halloween as I am! 


  1. Hi Tricia! I just found your blog through your twitter follow:) thanks! I love meeting BC bloggers...especially islanders. I live in Victoria. Do you know Sandi from rubber boots and elf shoes? She teaches K in Chemainus and has a great blog.
    I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Wow! Love to hear from other islanders! Love your blog! Tons of amazing ideas! Will definitely be reading all your posts, too! Love the math ideas! Will look up Sani's blog too! Maybe we could arrange a meet up! Love to share some ideas!

    2. Yes! A meet-up would be fun! You, me, Sandi, Liz and there's Charlotte up in Comox somewhere.

  2. Hi Tricia! Barb just emailed me about your blog and I clicked right over. It's great to get more of us on the Island blogging. Do you know Liz at - she is a K teacher in SD68. I teach K in Chemainus - but am currently on leave exploring random places with my husband. We are currently in South Africa. I would love to have an Island get together sometime in the new year.


    1. I do know Liz and check out her blog all the time! Love your blog too! On my list of blogs to visit!

  3. PS I would love to pick your brain about iPads when I get back. I had a couple last year, but think that I will have access to more when I get back in my classroom.

    1. I love, love, love iPads! Name a time and place and would love to share!