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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pumpkin Book Fun!

I really enjoy Halloween!  There are so many ways to introduce vocabulary and have the children practice their beginning sight vocabulary in a fun way!  Here is a little pumpkin patch of a Halloween vocabulary booklet we made recently!  

I have the students help match the correct words to the pictures in the pocket chart using the reading strategies we have been working on thus far. 

First I gave them a premade blank booklet to glue the pictures and corresponding words on.  I use 4 sheets folded in half and then stapled.  
I gave them one sheet of orange construction paper and had them round the corners off.  I staple the blank booklet to the orange paper leaving room to add the Halloween is strip to the top.  You can prepare the orange papers ahead of time if you wish to save some time! They glue the pictures in first and then add the corresponding word strips. We glue the phrase “And they all said, “Boo” on the orange pumpkin behind the booklet.  So when they turn the last page they see the phrase on the pumpkin. 

Thne I gave them two precut square green pieces of construction paper to make the leave and vine with!  We round the corners of both the pieces first.  Then one is cut into a spiral for the vine and the other is cut into a leaf shape for the leaf.  They love cutting the spiral.  I just tell them to keep cutting just inside their last cut until they can’t cut any further! One more piece of brown construction paper for the stem.  They glue on the stem and leaf and vine.  Sometimes I secure it a bit more firmly with a staple.

I have put this project together as a new package called Halloween is Fun at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

The children really enjoyed this project and the added bonus is that the pocket chart strips become an instant word bank!

Here are a few sample pages from the package! Sometimes the children color in the bubble letters for the word Halloween in a simple Halloween color pattern! 

We have also been having fun with my Witches Brew Cafe activity from my Halloween Package! 

The children create recipes using the cloze menu sheet and then "serve" them!  They take turns making their friends recipes too!   Lots of counting and reading practise!  Very popular activity!  

I found all the cauldrons and bugs and so on at various dollar stores and Halloween displays over the years.  
You can find the menu sheet for this activity in my Halloween Fun package at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It is FREE! 

There are a wide variety of activities in this package. 

They love doing the counting practice activity. I have collected those little Halloween erasers as counters.  I have also used the foam shapes you can find at the dollar store and craft stores.  They are inexpensive and the children love them! 
Hope you are enjoying Halloween as much as we are! 

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