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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Left over Halloween Fun?

It's November already!  Where did the time go!  Just wanted to post about some the fun we had this year in October!  I guess I was having too much fun to have time to post about it all!  I guess this post is a bit like leftover Halloween candy.... Hate to see the end of it!  
We learned about bats and discovered some new cool names for bats which we used to make a simple bat poem.  

The children seemed to really enjoy making the bats and did a really good job!

We had fun making these ghost eye trees with our Big Buddy class.  I found the tree idea on the Family Fun craft website.  I added the spider web stuff to make it look misty and some Halloween wire garlands and some foam ghost stickers to make it spooky!  

Our Big Buddy class also helped us make these covers for our Five Little Pumpkin books!  We also made Five Little Pumpkins on a Gate for a snack.  A take off on Ants on a Log!  We used celery sticks for the gate, five carrot rounds for the pumpkins, and Cheez Whiz for the "glue".  We have peanut allergies at our school so the Cheez Whiz is an alternate choice!  

They read their books with their buddies when they were done making the covers!

We also make five little pumpkin puppets on Halloween with the help of our parents. I hot glued the orange pompoms to the gloves beforehand.  The children just had to glue the fence posts to each finger, leaves on the top of the pompoms, and draw a face on the pompoms using a Sharpie.  

We also made the Mummy Dracula cans again this year!  Always a big hit with my students!  

Check out last year's post about how to make these guys!  Lots of fun! 

We have a door decorating contest each year for Halloween!  The children made count up haunted houses which we used for our entry!  Take a look!

They had a really good time decorating their haunted houses to match their count up story.  

We also made this fun quilt using squares and triangles.  You can find the printables for the haunted house and the bat poem in my Halloween Fun package at Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's free! 

Can't remember where I found this idea but would love to thank that person over and over again!  My guys love making this quilt!  

Hope everyone had as much fun on Halloween as we did!  

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