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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Batty about Bats!


We are currently working on a mini-theme about bats.  These bats are the final product!  The children loved making them and they are relatively easy to do!  

After reading a variety of non-fiction books about bats we compiled a list of our favourite types of bats and completed a frame containing their favourite picks!

The sheet is fine but we always like to make our final product look super funky so we added the fun cover!  

I pre-made the covers for the children using a 11 X 17 piece of black construction paper folded in half. Then I folded both ends of the paper toward the middle.  By rounding off the corners and cutting the bottom of the paper into a upside-down wave I had the body part.  I cut out a simple head shape and provided a single round sticker for eyes.  

The children completed the cloze sheet, put their poem in the middle of the book cover.  We made sure that the scooped part of the paper was at the top so that our bats could hang on the tree upside-down.  They glued the head on and then added the eyes.  The eyes are made with a single sticker cut in half and placed on the face.  

A copy of the cloze sheet I created is shown below.  If you would like a copy please click on the link.  

The bulletin board tree is twisted up brown paper.  I attached leaf garlands along the branches to get a fall tree look!  

The children are really proud of their projects!  

I am very lucky to have a laptop computer with WIFI and a projector in my class!  This allows me to show videos that correspond to the subject we are studying.  

The Primary Games website has an excellent video about the flying fox bat.  It is called Nigel's Bat Adventure.  Check it out!

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