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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Fun with The Hour of Code!

We participated in the Hour of Code during Hour of Code week in December. The intent of the Hour of Code is to introduce the basics of coding in computer science.  The students work through a set of lessons and learn the basics of coding.  And it’s fun!  Classes from around the world signed on to learn to code.  The day we completed our hour there were 77,189 Hour of Code  events scheduled during that week at the beginning of the week and we were one of them.  If you look at the map on the Hour of Code website and zoom into Vancouver Island, you will find our school!  We were one of 1853 events in Canada!  Very cool!
Our big buddy class helped us take part in this event!  They were absolutely awesome!  We had a few glitches along the way because so many people in the world were working on the Hour of Code at the same time.  That meant that sometimes it took a long time to sign on, or the program froze, or did a little hiccup.  Considering how many students were signed on to the site around the world we did very well.  I was super excited that we managed to get so many students signed on!  
The students were very patient and handled it very well.  We used a combination of computers in the lab, the iPads,and the Promethean Board in our classroom to get as many students on the site as we could. 

 Many students made it through a lot of the lessons.  You can see from the pictures that everyone was really focused!  We also tried to connect later in the week with more success.  I think that everyone was so eager to take part that we flooded onto the website on the first day!  Please take a moment and take a look at the tutorials that are available for the children to try.  The tutorials are up on the site year round.  We did the Angry Birds one.  We have also worked on the new one with Elsa from the movie Frozen.  This one is a good one to work through with a buddy! 

We always have lots of volunteers to work at the Promethean Board!  Working through the lessons together makes it more fun! 

I am hoping to continue our work with coding with a few new apps that I have been playing with!  Stay tuned! 

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