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Friday, 28 December 2012


Now that Christmas is over and the children have taken home their presents I can show you what we made for Christmas presents for Mom and Dad!  I have been making these snowmen with my classes for over 15 years I think... That means that there are hundreds of these guys out there.
And that best part is that I have parents coming and telling me that they come out every year for Christmas and are a favourite!
My husband is a secret helper in that he cuts up the wood for me!  Thanks, hubby!

Each year at the end of November I put three blocks of wood and a small piece of sandpaper in a ziplock bag for each of my students.  The blocks are one each of rough cut two by fours, two by threes, and two by twos!  I teach the children how to sand the blocks and we sand away for several weeks.  They love to sand and beg for "sanding time"!

When we decide they are smooth enough we have a painting day! We do one coat with white craft paint watered down.  The next day we do one coat of glitter paint really watered down.  I will be posting more detailed instructions at a later date.

Then we have a day when we put them all together!

They really look cute all together! 

I know the children really enjoyed making them!  I think they were pretty proud of them too!  

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